Special Effects

Dance Floor &

Our wide variety of custom staging and dance floor solutions will create an inviting atmosphere and make you or your focal point stand out. We only bring professional grade brands such as SICO Dance Floors and Intelli-Staging systems which ensure the safety of you and your guests all the while being aesthetically pleasing.


Event Illumination plays an instrumental role in setting the ambiance for your celebration. Whether you fancy a classy look to a more rustic or an all-out nightclub vibe, our large selection of lighting solutions will definitely complete your vision.


At HE Events NY, we firmly believe that connecting your guests to your celebration comes from creating an immersive environment. When you take sound, lighting, and combine it with our visual elements along with our award-winning entertainment talent, you and your guests will experience the magic! From LED TV screens to Large Venue Projection Systems and customizable LED Video Wall solutions, we guarantee a flawless visual production that’s engaging, interactive, and FUN!

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